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Do you have a gift to share with the world? A talent which could help others? A business which serves others? A story which could benefit others? If so, please read on!

As a former classroom teacher, I realize the power of connection, along with serving others. I believe this is my calling in life: to be of service to others while making a valuable contribution to society. Building relationships is powerful and while doing so, we can all have everything in our lives if we help others get what they want as well. I truly believe that we succeed in life by helping others succeed along the way, as we empower each other to become better every day. If, we, ourselves, want to find success and fulfillment (self-transcendence), we must empower more people during the journey.

While in the classroom, our common goal had been to learn French together, but we also shared our authentic selves with each other as we created a family-like atmosphere built on trust and respect. We shared our passions, fears, creativity, goals, weaknesses, accomplishments, everything. We shared our lives with each other. The power of connection is empowering. My hope is that here, at Insights to Life, our common goal as a community will be The Core 24™ (rather than French) but just like in the classroom, we also share our authentic selves with each other as we create a trustworthy and respectful group of members, helping each other succeed along the way.

Insights to Life is looking for many ways to share with the world by using The Core 24™ as the all encompassing plan to better life, by tapping into talents, passions, services, creativity, imagination, leadership, financial freedoms, etc. So, do you have a contribution to share, such as a blog, book, website, small business, etc.? The possibilities are endless!

The Power of Connection and Embodiment of Oneness:

* Share your personal stories/experiences with the world while helping others

* Promote a business, blog, organization, etc., which meets the Insights to Life criteria

* Thought provoking material to create a sense of oneness: we are not alone

* Network and connect with others with the same growth mindset

* A sense of community as everyone learns how to implement The Core 24™: personally and/or professionally

* For every yearly subscription referral you earn $

* No clickbait, no PPC, no sleazy scamming, etc.

* For every yearly subscription, Insights to Life will donate $ to a worthy charity

* Supports your calling to express your authentic self

* Helps to put your heart and soul into something you believe in 100%

* Expression Therapy (in any form): supports expression as validation while collectively acknowledging the stories of others and their pain  and       triumphs. Envisioning a unified and peaceful world by looking out for each other through validation of our experiences. Remember, we are all       stronger together.

 * Insighter of the Day: to promote members and their contributions