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I am about to officially launch my website​ in the next few months, moving from the experimental stage to creating an actual business platform.  This message is for all who might be interested in joining this community...​
What am I hoping to achieve with Insights to Life?
I don't know about you, but I am terribly disturbed by the many platforms out there which are built on clickbait, paid advertising, crooked sponsors​, affiliate marketing/campaigns, PPC, ROI, SEO,​ trips wires, greed, manipulation tactics, desperation models, etc. Since having researched the subject of launching an online business for several years, I know that one can make a bucket load of $ using these strategies, HOWEVER, these models have ​ultimately made my conscience cringe, so I am hoping to create the EXACT opposite platform for members. The above mentioned tactics do not represent who I am nor are these principles what I want the foundation of Insights to Life to be or ever to become in the future.
What are my goals by launching Insights to Life?
I would like for Insights to Life to be built on total and complete transparency, authenticity, community driven creativity, philanthropy, and membership equality.
Goals in a nutshell...
Real people, real perspectives: educating, enlightening and empowering our future together.
Why am I launching this service/business?
Insights to Life came to fruition as I wrote my dissertation in pursuant of an integrative doctorate in humanitarian educational studies and humanistic educational psychology using Maslow's Hierarchy as my foundation.
A Growth Mindset Model: Connecting Humanistic Educational Psychology with Life Coaching Skills and Instructional Best Practices as a Means of Personal Growth and Healing Influenced by Gained Knowledge and Awareness through the Sharing of Life Experiences (to Create a Successful Online Community/Classroom Atmosphere) While Simultaneously Maximizing Human Potential.
​Say whaaaat? By combining both humanitarian educational studies and humanistic educational psychology, the ultimate concept/theory creates an approach which takes in account the whole person, and the uniqueness of each individual. There are many other components to this psychological approach, but I will spare you the mumbo jumbo lingo. While teaching, I referred to this as Person Centered Education; the only way to really understand others is to interact with them, while sharing experiences and being open to feelings, and as a result, I believe, this is how we make priceless connections with others along with making an invaluable contribution to society.
Conclusion: All individuals are unique and DO have the innate drive to achieve their maximum potential, but this is only possible if their basic hierarchy needs are met, along with sharing their experiences through different means of human​ expression, and be open to their feelings by reciprocal acts of respect, integrity, recognition and validation.
*Maslow's Hierarchy: insert chart here