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I am about to officially launch my website​ in the next few months, moving from the experimental stage to creating an actual business platform.  This message is for all who might be interested in joining this community...​
What am I hoping to achieve with Insights to Life?
I don't know about you, but I am terribly disturbed by the many platforms out there which are built on clickbait, paid advertising, crooked sponsors​, affiliate marketing/campaigns, PPC, ROI, SEO,​ trips wires, greed, manipulation tactics, desperation models, etc. Since having researched the subject of launching an online business for several years, I know that one can make a bucket load of $ using these strategies, HOWEVER, these models have ​ultimately made my conscience cringe, so I am hoping to create the EXACT opposite platform for members. The above mentioned tactics do not represent who I am nor are these principles what I want the foundation of Insights to Life to be or ever to become in the future.
What are my goals by launching Insights to Life?
I would like for Insights to Life to be built on total and complete transparency, authenticity, community driven creativity, philanthropy, and membership equality.
Goals in a nutshell...
Real people, real perspectives: educating, enlightening and empowering our future together.
Why am I launching this service/business?
Insights to Life came to fruition as I wrote my dissertation in pursuant of an integrative doctorate in humanitarian educational studies and humanistic educational psychology using Maslow's Hierarchy as my foundation.
A Growth Mindset Model: Connecting Humanistic Educational Psychology with Life Coaching Skills and Instructional Best Practices as a Means of Personal Growth and Healing Influenced by Gained Knowledge and Awareness through the Sharing of Life Experiences (to Create a Successful Online Community/Classroom Atmosphere) While Simultaneously Maximizing Human Potential.
​Say whaaaat? By combining both humanitarian educational studies and humanistic educational psychology, the ultimate concept/theory creates an approach which takes in account the whole person, and the uniqueness of each individual. There are many other components to this psychological approach, but I will spare you the mumbo jumbo lingo. While teaching, I referred to this as Person Centered Education; the only way to really understand others is to interact with them, while sharing experiences and being open to feelings, and as a result, I believe, this is how we make priceless connections with others along with making an invaluable contribution to society.
Conclusion: All individuals are unique and DO have the innate drive to achieve their maximum potential, but this is only possible if their basic hierarchy needs are met, along with sharing their experiences through different means of human​ expression, and be open to their feelings by reciprocal acts of respect, integrity, recognition and validation.
*Maslow's Hierarchy: insert chart here
What's my passion which is inspiring me to launch Insights to Life?
As a former classroom teacher, I saw the limitless potential in each student by creating a family-like atmosphere where connection was key. ​My passion involves creating genuine relationships built on mutual trust and respect while focusing on maximizing individual potential.
What does this mean to become an "Insighter"?
Total and Complete Transparency:
As a member, you will always be in the know of every aspect of this platform. There will be no hidden costs, no manipulation tactics, no mind games. What you see is what you get.
As a member, you will have the freedom to promote your own unique and authentic contribution to society (businesses, articles, books,​
blogs, videos, book reviews, websites, etc.) based on your own personal experiences/perspectives driven by The Core 24™.
Community Driven Creativity:
As a member, you will be the driving force behind the creation of a diverse community of contributing members. The sky is the limit!
As a member, you will be able to promote your growth mindset without all the background noise.
As a member, a percentage of your flat rate fee will also be used to help ameliorate society. Insights to Life believes in giving back, paying it forward, and helping aid worthy organizations which advocate education, equality, compassion and empowerment.
Membership Equality:
As a member, you will pay one flat fee based on nothing more than being a member. For example, there will be no package deals based on higher fees with added perks,​ nor will there be generous advertising fees, affiliate campaigns or clickbait. We will all be treated ​equally​ on our journey to promote our personal​ creations and to connect with others as we inspire each other while making an authentic and positive contribution to our world.

Suggestions Welcomed:
Also, as a membership driven platform, you will be able to suggest ideas to make your own experience better along with the experiences of other members. This website is NOT about me being in control, it's being created to help YOU. I would like to still use my classroom philosophy: we are ALL here to learn (myself included) and I want to know what will make this experience better for you. Suggestions will ALWAYS be welcomed!
The Power of Connection:
The power of connection will be found here on this website. The premise is built on honoring, respecting, accepting and validating new ideas and perspectives along with each others' uniqueness while promoting individual passions and talents. Every Insighter will be empowered by what s/he has to offer to the rest of us. Nobody will be judged, criticized or shamed for expressing their voice through creative expression based on personal experiences​. If anything, every Insighter will be commended for taking the leap to publish his/her own creative ​modality​ based on authenticity. We are all here to learn and to gain new Insights to Life.
"Insighter" Membership Benefits. You will be able to...
* H​ave total and complete access to positive, empowering and inspiring information 24/7 along with networking and business opportunities.​
* ​I​nspire and help others by sharing your own personal experiences as you change your life for the better as well as the lives of others.
* ​B​e heard and be validated as you find your voice through any form of human expression.
* P​romote your own business, book, blog, video,​ website, etc.
* C​onnect with like-minded members who are seeking the same freedoms in life as they promote service to others and make valuable                     contributions to society.​
* Earn extra $ by gaining referrals to join our community.
* ​Donate a percentage to worthy organizations.
* The background noise associated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
* The negative comments to deflate personal perspectives, insights, stories shared and the many forms of self-expression​. We are a community       of inspiring souls who want to build each other up, not tear each other down.
* Clickbait, ROI, PPC, stock photos, memes, etc. This is HUGE! Originality is a must! Only AUTHENTIC networking among members with one           common goal: creating from the heart, based on passion BEFORE profit. Of course, the siting of or the linking to resources is fine as you use       them to validate your production​, whatever that might be, but again, this is all about creating authenticity. 
* Likes, views, ​shares, algorithms, data testing​ or earning points based on your comments. Life is NOT a competition!!! The only person you           should be competing against is yourself, by doing the best to improve your life while helping others along the way, not competing against           them. This community is about enlightening, educating and encouraging each other and our personal endeavors, NOT basing our worth on the     number of likes, shares or views or any other superficial means of worthiness.​
Why is there an application process and payment needed to become an Insighter?
* As the big social media players became so massive and generalized WITHOUT many filters, I started to get turned off by them and wanted to       seek alternative methods of connecting with others. Paid membership and application process will be served as a filter to keep this site more       focused and to provide a better overall value for members​.
* Insights to Life will not use outside advertising or affiliate links as means to earn money. I want this to be a user-generated website, based on     the content created by members only. My hope is to create a community of entirely user generated content driven by collaboration and               growth. I would love to promote many, many members!
* I can't stand trolls, bots, fakeness of any type. These factors can all ruin amazing content, connections and the positive interaction on non-           membership based websites.
* It just isn't cool to bully, criticize, manipulate or hurt others, so we must do our best to keep this out.
* I want to provide a safe haven for us all: showcasing every member in a positive light. 
* In the world of the Internet, nothing is 100% safe from spammers, trolls, bots and shady commentators, but having a membership based           website (along with an application process) can potentially serve its purpose because these types are less likely to actually apply AND pay for       access. 
* This set up will hopefully allow Insighters to connect authentically as it tends to keep out potential creepers/trolls/haters​
  who are not genuinely interested in the community, which means that we will have better odds of maintaining a PRODUCTIVE and POSITIVE        learning environment.
Soooo.... are you ready to become an Insighter? Would you rather surround yourself with inspirational souls rather than depleting commentaries on social media? Are you ready to inspire others and to be inspired? Do you have a medium of inspiration to share with the world? If so, click here!