What's my passion which is inspiring me to launch Insights to Life?
As a former classroom teacher, I saw the limitless potential in each student by creating a family-like atmosphere where connection was key. ​My passion involves creating genuine relationships built on mutual trust and respect while focusing on maximizing individual potential.
What does this mean to become an "Insighter"?
Total and Complete Transparency:
As a member, you will always be in the know of every aspect of this platform. There will be no hidden costs, no manipulation tactics, no mind games. What you see is what you get.
As a member, you will have the freedom to promote your own unique and authentic contribution to society (businesses, articles, books,​
blogs, videos, book reviews, websites, etc.) based on your own personal experiences/perspectives driven by The Core 24™.
Community Driven Creativity:
As a member, you will be the driving force behind the creation of a diverse community of contributing members. The sky is the limit!
As a member, you will be able to promote your growth mindset without all the background noise.
As a member, a percentage of your flat rate fee will also be used to help ameliorate society. Insights to Life believes in giving back, paying it forward, and helping aid worthy organizations which advocate education, equality, compassion and empowerment.
Membership Equality:
As a member, you will pay one flat fee based on nothing more than being a member. For example, there will be no package deals based on higher fees with added perks,​ nor will there be generous advertising fees, affiliate campaigns or clickbait. We will all be treated ​equally​ on our journey to promote our personal​ creations and to connect with others as we inspire each other while making an authentic and positive contribution to our world.