Suggestions Welcomed:
Also, as a membership driven platform, you will be able to suggest ideas to make your own experience better along with the experiences of other members. This website is NOT about me being in control, it's being created to help YOU. I would like to still use my classroom philosophy: we are ALL here to learn (myself included) and I want to know what will make this experience better for you. Suggestions will ALWAYS be welcomed!
The Power of Connection:
The power of connection will be found here on this website. The premise is built on honoring, respecting, accepting and validating new ideas and perspectives along with each others' uniqueness while promoting individual passions and talents. Every Insighter will be empowered by what s/he has to offer to the rest of us. Nobody will be judged, criticized or shamed for expressing their voice through creative expression based on personal experiences​. If anything, every Insighter will be commended for taking the leap to publish his/her own creative ​modality​ based on authenticity. We are all here to learn and to gain new Insights to Life.
"Insighter" Membership Benefits. You will be able to...
* H​ave total and complete access to positive, empowering and inspiring information 24/7 along with networking and business opportunities.​
* ​I​nspire and help others by sharing your own personal experiences as you change your life for the better as well as the lives of others.
* ​B​e heard and be validated as you find your voice through any form of human expression.
* P​romote your own business, book, blog, video,​ website, etc.
* C​onnect with like-minded members who are seeking the same freedoms in life as they promote service to others and make valuable                     contributions to society.​
* Earn extra $ by gaining referrals to join our community.
* ​Donate a percentage to worthy organizations.
* The background noise associated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
* The negative comments to deflate personal perspectives, insights, stories shared and the many forms of self-expression​. We are a community       of inspiring souls who want to build each other up, not tear each other down.
* Clickbait, ROI, PPC, stock photos, memes, etc. This is HUGE! Originality is a must! Only AUTHENTIC networking among members with one           common goal: creating from the heart, based on passion BEFORE profit. Of course, the siting of or the linking to resources is fine as you use       them to validate your production​, whatever that might be, but again, this is all about creating authenticity. 
* Likes, views, ​shares, algorithms, data testing​ or earning points based on your comments. Life is NOT a competition!!! The only person you           should be competing against is yourself, by doing the best to improve your life while helping others along the way, not competing against           them. This community is about enlightening, educating and encouraging each other and our personal endeavors, NOT basing our worth on the     number of likes, shares or views or any other superficial means of worthiness.​