Why is there an application process and payment needed to become an Insighter?
* As the big social media players became so massive and generalized WITHOUT many filters, I started to get turned off by them and wanted to       seek alternative methods of connecting with others. Paid membership and application process will be served as a filter to keep this site more       focused and to provide a better overall value for members​.
* Insights to Life will not use outside advertising or affiliate links as means to earn money. I want this to be a user-generated website, based on     the content created by members only. My hope is to create a community of entirely user generated content driven by collaboration and               growth. I would love to promote many, many members!
* I can't stand trolls, bots, fakeness of any type. These factors can all ruin amazing content, connections and the positive interaction on non-           membership based websites.
* It just isn't cool to bully, criticize, manipulate or hurt others, so we must do our best to keep this out.
* I want to provide a safe haven for us all: showcasing every member in a positive light. 
* In the world of the Internet, nothing is 100% safe from spammers, trolls, bots and shady commentators, but having a membership based           website (along with an application process) can potentially serve its purpose because these types are less likely to actually apply AND pay for       access. 
* This set up will hopefully allow Insighters to connect authentically as it tends to keep out potential creepers/trolls/haters​
  who are not genuinely interested in the community, which means that we will have better odds of maintaining a PRODUCTIVE and POSITIVE        learning environment.
Soooo.... are you ready to become an Insighter? Would you rather surround yourself with inspirational souls rather than depleting commentaries on social media? Are you ready to inspire others and to be inspired? Do you have a medium of inspiration to share with the world? If so, click here!