Assessment Tools

                                                               Assessment Tools

Day 1:

1. What are your personal core values?

2. What is the best part of your day right now?

3. What is the worst part of your day right now?

4. If you had all the money you needed, how would you feel and why?

5. In your ideal life, where would you live and work?

6. In your ideal life, who would you be friends with and why?

7. Describe in detail what your ideal life would look like...typical day, home life, work life, etc.

8. What dream or goal have you given up on?

9.  What goal have you put aside because you did not feel the timing was right?

10. What were your dreams as a child? 


DAY 2:

1. Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

2. What exactly do you want to be doing during a day in 5 years? 10 years? 25 years?

3. What do you really, really LOVE to do?

4. What, if anything, did you always want to do but someone told you it wasn't a good idea for whatever reason (not practical, financially unstable, etc)?

5. What do you FEEL you were born to do?

6. What excites you and makes you feel alive?

7. What kind of people are you attracted to spending time with? What kind of work do they do? What's the connection?

8. What truly fulfills you? 

9. If you could do any charity work what would it be?

10. When you leave this earth what will you feel better knowing you have accomplished? What will be your legacy?


DAY 3:

1. I would LOVE to...

2. My favorite things are...

3. My passions are...

4. I dream about...

5. My strengths are...

6. My weaknesses are...

7. I admire...


DAY 4:

1. What do you wish you had more help with?

2. When do you feel stressed?

3. When do you MOST feel stressed? (It's important to identity those triggers in order to move forward)

4. What is one trigger you wish you could get rid of?

5. Is the one main trigger from above the same biggest stressed issue in your life? 

6. What do you worry about?

7. What do you worry about before you go to bed?

8. What part of the day do you feel the most stress, drained or tired? Is there a connection?

9. What do you believe in your life needs to be repaired?

10. List all your stressors (big or small) to see if there is a connection as to why these exist in your life...


DAY 5:

1. Where are you spending the most amount of the time during the day?

2. Where are you spending the least amount of time during the day?

3. From the answers above, what adjustments would you like to make?

4. What would be your goals in this regard?

5. What obstacles could prevent you from reaching these goals?

6. How could you remove  these obstacles?

7. What specific actions will you take in order to move forward with these goals?

8. What is stopping you from saying NO when you are asked to do something that you really don't want to do?

9. Have you set boundaries in order to protect what you value most?

10. Do you sometimes feel like your life has become unmanageable because you feel overwhelmed, overstretched, underappreciated?


DAY 6:

1. Are you living your passion?

2. Do you love, love, love your work?

3. Do you know your role on this earth as you leave an authentic legacy?

4. Do you feel excited about life?

5. Daily do you feel in your heart that your life represents exactly what you were meant to do and be?

6. Do you possess positive self-worth? (Those with positive self-worth are more in touch with their core values as passions are surfaced)

7. If you are not living your passions, what steps can you take to improve your self-worth?

8. What are some things you absolutely LOVE to do and experience FLOW in the process? (Flow: time just flies by without any sort of resistance)

9. What makes you smile?

10. What do you do best?

11. What areas in your life are you naturally strong? 

12. What skills have helped you to get where you are today?

13. What skills will help you get to where you want to be in the future?

14. What part of tomorrow excites you?

15. You are already strong in certain areas of your life, so what is the next level of development in each of those areas?

16. What thoughts make you the happiest?

17.  What about the above thoughts that make you so happy?

18. What is something about your life in which you already have but is not satisfying to you?

19. What or who inspires you?

20. Do you believe motivation in missing in your life?


DAY 7:

1. Do you criticize others either to their face or behind their backs?

2. Do you question others based on your own biases?

3. Do you frequently insult others either to their face or behind their backs?

4. Do you listen, acknowledge and think before you speak?

5. Do you have control over the words you speak?

6. What is your emotional norm?



DAY 8:

1. WHO would you be if you had nothing to prove?

2.  How might you get closer to that dream?

3. How do you feel empowered?

4. What makes you feel powerless?

5. What makes you feel voiceless?

6. What makes you feel disconnected?

7. How might you change these negative beliefs into positive ones?

8. Does your vision for a future life match your core values?

9. If not, what does this mean?

10. If so, what does this mean in terms of expanding your vision and working towards this goal?


DAY 9:

1. What are the top 5 most fulfilling accomplishments in your life thus far?

2. What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome in your life?

3. What do you believe to be your greatest asset?

4. What do think others believe you are good at?

5. Think of a difficulty you are dealing with right now in your life. Have you handled anything like it before? How can you honor yourself now during this time?

6. Who is that superhero that lives within you?

7. WHO are you when you are the most proud of yourself?



DAY 10:

1. In general, what do think is bothering you?

2. WHAT are you tolerating right now that maybe you shouldn't be?

3. WHO are you tolerating right now that maybe you shouldn't be?

4. Does the WHAT and WHO really have to do with you?

5. What is it costing you to tolerate the WHAT and the WHO?

6. Are these situations serving you in a positive way?

7. How do you believe you can stop these situations?

8. WHO will you have to become in order to stop tolerating these situations?

9. Think of boundaries for the present situations...

10. What limitations/boundaries might you be placing on yourself to alleviate the tolerating going on?


DAY 11:

1. Think of your life goals. Who or what is holding you back most right now?

2. Who offers you the most support in your life right now? (Note: it cannot be the same person who is holding you back! That's called trauma bonding)

3.  Who are the key people in your life and what do they do to provide you support?

4. If you believe that you have very little support in your life, what do you think you can do about this?

5. What resources can you seek out?

6. If nothing changes in your life, what will that feel like to you?

7. What are the advantages of making changes in your life?

8. What are the advantages of NOT making changes in your life?

9.  What do you think would help make that new life possible? What are your options?

10.  Right now, what do you believe you need to change in order to attain your goals? In essence, what are you willing to do in order to move forward?


DAY 12:

1. Think of your life goals once more. What things are not taking you in the direction of reaching them?

2. What sort of thinking in standing in the way from attaining your goals?

3. What obstacles do you think are stopping you from achieving these goals?

4. Imagining moving forward now, what obstacles could you foreseeable see as you work to attain these goals?

5. What can you do now to prevent or minimize these possible obstacles? (Proactive planning)

6. What shift in your thinking (right now) must occur in order to move forward?


DAY 13:

1. What do you love about your life right now?

2. What do you really dislike about your life right now?

3. How do you think you can incorporate more of what you love into your life?

4. What core areas (see The Core 24) of your life need to be upgraded?

5. What do you think is the first step to bettering your life right now?

6. If there was absolutely no risk of failure, what would you try to do in life?

7. Thinking of #6, who would support you? Who is your unwavering support network?

8. Thinking of #6 again, who would NOT support you and do you believe this is healthy?

9. What is one thing you can do for yourself each day to support your goals?

10. How will you celebrate once you accomplish certain goals?


DAY 14:

1. In what way is your life perfect for you right now?

2. What are you grateful for right now?

3. What could you be grateful for which in not already on your list?

4. What do you think is the first step to improving your life?

5. WHO do you think can help you improve your life?

6. You know yourself best, what is the most common way in which your sabotage yourself and your goals?

7. Now, how will you AVOID that behavior this time?

8. What positive behaviors can you replace it with in order to move forward?

9. When these goals are accomplished, how will you feel different?

10. How will this new life change you?